I decided to replace the 5400rpm disk drive in the C710 for something faster. (The Acer C710 comes with a Seagate Momentus Thin 320GB 5400rpm)

The SanDisk Ultra Plus is a 7mm SSD that uses 19nm eX2 ABL MLC (an advantage over TLC drives - eg: Samsung 840 EVO). The specification of the disk is really good with (max) read speeds of 520MB/s.

I installed archlinux using my pacman migrate script and was really amazed at how fast all the packages installed.


I changed the partition layout a little by excluding a swap partition and also made a few tweaks for TRIM, changing the IO scheduler also helped a little (I am using bfq with the ck kernel) I am already running ramdisk scripts for caching (eg: google chrome cache on ramdisk script) and have /tmp mounted as a ramdisk.

Overall I am really pleased with this disk. The read speed in linux is around 460-480MB/s

SSD Speed (hdparm -tT):
1400 MB in  3.00 seconds = 466.41 MB/sec

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