archlinux automatic builds from git releases
hyprland capture selection using grim & slurp
hyprland capture active monitor / window using grim
reset usb devices in linux cli (usbreset in c)
postcss integration with 11ty
gatsby integrated atom feed generation
nodejs atom feed generation script
windows firefox profile script rework (userChrome & prefs)
linux firefox profile scripts (userChrome & prefs)
unsplash_svkit - sveltekit image api search
logout_rs - rust shutdown menu
nftables attack logging (prometheus & grafana)
nftables blocklist control
cleanup-windows - windows 10 21H2 cleanup in powershell
mailserver RBL lookup
brave browser profiles
unsplash json api search using next.js
linux wine launcher with automatic vulkan acceleration
linux wine game/app installer
linux server monitoring daemon (golang prometheus)
linux vps error reporting (golang prometheus)
install firefox on windows 10 using powershell
postscreen whitelist/blacklist using spf
extract mailserver list from spf
torbrowser update checker ( golang net/http )
automated linux dotfiles
gatsby new post cli in nodejs (no deps)
use medium-zoom in vuejs & nuxtjs
unsplash json api search using react.js
golang api server using net/http & chi
rust async server using tokio
QEMU ARMv7 emulation in linux
osint tool for inspecting tls for subdomains
firefox profiles for windows using powershell
firefox profile tools
torjail - sandboxed torbrowser
inspect http request headers using go net/http
unsplash json api search using vanilla javascript
linux audio device switcher with ladspa multiband eq
nodejs api server template using express
Chromium OS & Cloudready on QEMU
BT HomeHub 5a OpenWrt
Acer Chromebook C7/C710 Coreboot
Android Testing Tools (ROM Patching)
ARM64 Bootloader Testing (U-Boot)
BlackWidow Macro Keys In Linux
Cloudflare Iptables
Netgear wnr2200 OpenWrt USB Patches & extroot
Mail Console
Mail CLI Admin Tools (python & mysql)
Archlinux package migration scripts
Google Chrome Ramdisk Cache
Windows Firewall Blocklists (powershell)
Windows 10 Tweak Tools (powershell)
Linux Logout GUI Using python tkinter (tk-logout)
Web App Using lastfm API In php (lastfm-feed)
Wordpress Security Modules
Samsung i5700 Android dalvik-relocate
Mac OSX Backup Script with Growl Notification
Linux Backup with Notification
Wordpress Picasa Gallery
Wordpress Modules


Opensource projects listed above can be found on my Github.

Javascript Python Typescript PHP Rust Bash Go C Powershell

Archlinux Custom Package Automation #

Automation script to update custom package builds from git releases.

There is also an option to automatically push changes to the git repo once the package is built.

Rust Logout Menu #

Basic menu with shutdown options in linux.


Setup do be similar to the python tk_logout script I made in 2014.

Linux Wine Launcher #

Allows automated installation of windows applications or games on linux by setting up a custom wine prefix/env with required libraries & features.

Created as an alternative to GUI apps which have a lot of dependencies.
There are some GUI tools which do the same but are dependant on gnome-desktop & do not work on tiling window managers like i3.

Unlocking Plusnet Hub One #


📝 April 11, 2022 - Unlocking Plusnet Hub One

Hardware modifications to allow booting over serial connection.
Requires custom LEDE boot image to unlock u-boot bootloader to allow OpenWRT install.

Postfix Postscreen Whitelist #

CLI app to automate whitelisting (or blacklisting) of known email servers by iterating over spf records.

Built to work with domains that have email servers spanning over multiple spf lists.
(see google.com example below)

    └── google.com
        └── v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com
            └── v=spf1 include:_netblocks.google.com include:_netblocks2.google.com include:_netblocks3.google.com

App whitelists IPV4 & IPV6 ranges using CIDR blocks.

Acer Chromebook C7/C710 Coreboot #

Coreboot opensource firmware image, allowing the chromebook to boot into linux using different payloads eg: seabios, grub2, tianocore (UEFI).

Building coreboot is pretty easy, the instructions on the wiki are quite clear.
Just make sure you know what you are doing as you could brick your chromebook.

More info on building coreboot 📝 April 19, 2020 - Building Coreboot in 2020