Mail Console

This is a new project which is similar to the mailadm_cli tools but hopefully a lot easier to use.

The mail console idea should be an easier alternative to using arguments.
I'm also looking at the possibility of adding features like live mail statistics.
For now it has the ability of creating and deleting accounts, aliases & domains.

I will hopefully be uploading it to github once it has been tested (currently deployed on my work test server, will hopefully be putting it onto production soon).

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OpenWrt extroot


The main purpose of using extroot is to extend the storage capacity of the device.
Pivoting /overlay (or root) gives you the ability to install packages onto a USB storage device.

There is a more detailed overview on how pivot works on the OpenWrt wiki.

Preparing USB Flash Storage

You will need to decide how much space will be used for /overlay and also how many other mount points you want.
The easiest way to partition the storage device is to use gparted on a linux system.

I decided to give the overlay plenty of storage, have a small swap partition and use a /data mountpoint for the rest of the device.

/dev/sda1     1.3GB   EXT4    /overlay
/dev/sda2     524MB   SWAP
/dev/sda3     5.4GB   EXT4    /data

Setting up /overlay Pivot

Format partitions

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3

mount primary usb partition and copy /overlay to

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Netgear wnr2200 OpenWrt USB Support


I recently setup a wnr2200 on openwrt and found that altho people have submitted patches to openwrt (one patch was submitted 6 months ago) for usb support, it's still not in the main release or even in the trunk release.

I have used OpenWrt on various routers over the years, the first router which I used it on was the Linksys WRT54GS back in 2006.
I fully support what OpenWrt are about and that so many projects have been forked or designed around it.

As the main purpose for this router requires usb storage I decided to compile a custom openwrt image for it.
For info about compiling OpenWrt from source see their wiki.
The wnr2200 USB patch can be found on my github repo.

On making my first image (took 2hours to compile a base image without luci etc) I found USB worked.

The only problem was when trying

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Back to Google Chrome


I have decided to go back to using Google Chrome & Chromium as my main web browsers again.
This follows on from my previous article where I noted font rendering was bad in firefox.

I have noticed more problems since writing the article.

The main problem is really font rendering which may not seem much of a problem to many but when you are working on website design & font scaling it's really annoying.
It is worse on Windows but it's even noticable on linux (see comparison screenshot in my previous article).

Further Mozilla Firefox Problems

  • flashplayer quirks (probably not really Mozilla's fault)
  • video elements not working (HTML5 players)
  • slow loading/rendering of content
  • slowdowns on larger sites/pages (eg: steam + infinite scroll)

Since posting the previous article Mozilla also added Pocket as a builtin to firefox.

These problems coupled with the problems in the previous post really become annoying.

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