About Me

I am a Developer & Linux Systems Administrator from the UK.

My interests include programming, information security, operating systems & computer hardware.

My github currently has examples of C, Python, PHP, PowerShell, Javascript & Bash projects.

I run Archlinux on my desktop and netbook. (my dotfiles can be found on github)
The main servers I work on are based on Debian, Alpinelinux and freebsd.
I started using linux as my desktop OS in 1997.

gentoo archlinux alpine debian freebsd

I have spent the most time using Slackware, Gentoo and Archlinux. I got lazy at one point and used Ubuntu.
I use Alpinelinux for development & containers (hardened pax+grsec kernel & musl libc)

I also have a number of projects based on Windows & Mac OS.
(including powershell scripts which can be deployed across domains using Group Policies)


I am always looking to learn new things & am normally breaking or experimenting with something new.

  • infosec
  • reverse engineering
  • electronics modification
  • programming
  • cryptography
  • golang
  • nodejs
  • graphql
  • vuejs
  • javascript
  • rust


I currently work as a Developer & Linux Systems Administrator (DevOps) for a small web app development company.
My job involves devlopment of webapps in nodejs & DevOps tasks to ensure services run as required.
I also work on administration & automation tools to help with DevOps in Golang & Python.
We mainly use vuejs with REST or GraphQL for web apps. (reactjs + ant design for admin ui)
Our PWAs use Google Workbox.
Main services: VPNs (IPSec & Wireguard), Mailservers, Webservers & Monitoring

More information relating to some of my opensource projects can be found on the projects page & source code can be found on my github.

I am open to new work opportunities, please contact me using the details below.


email: equilibriumuk AT protonmail DOT com
gpg: 0E53 A3C2 2664 D113
github: equk
twitter: equilibriumuk
keybase: equilibriumuk