I have decided to go back to using Google Chrome & Chromium as my main web browsers again. This follows on from my previous article where I noted font rendering was bad in firefox.

I have noticed more problems since writing the article.

The main problem is really font rendering which may not seem much of a problem to many but when you are working on website design & font scaling it's really annoying. It is worse on Windows but it's even noticable on linux (see comparison screenshot in my previous article).

Further Mozilla Firefox Problems

  • flashplayer quirks (probably not really Mozilla's fault)
  • video elements not working (HTML5 players)
  • slow loading/rendering of content
  • slowdowns on larger sites/pages (eg: steam + infinite scroll)

Since posting the previous article Mozilla also added Pocket as a builtin to firefox.

These problems coupled with the problems in the previous post really become annoying. It's a shame really because I like a lot of things about Mozilla Firefox.

I will still be using Mozilla Firefox to test cross browser compatibility when developing webapps & websites (as I always have) but just feel it has too many annoyances to use it everyday.

I am also still using Mozilla Firefox on my Google Android mobile phone as it seems a lot quicker.