neverware provide a raw image of their chromiumos build free on their website


download the (eg: & extract the bin.

convert the raw image to vdi #

 vboxmanage convertdd chromiumos_image.bin chromiumos_image.vdi

optional: copy or move chromiumos_image.vdi to virtualbox machines folder

create a vm in virtualbox #

  • name it whatever you want
  • select linux > other linux (64-bit)
  • set the memory (eg: 1024mb)
  • use existing virtual hard disk
  • browse to chromiumos_image.vdi

configure virtual machine #

  • go to settings > system
  • change pointing device to PS/2 Mouse
  • tick Enable EFI (special OSes only)

That's all, now boot the machine.

Note: Enabling 3D Acceleration does nothing


There are problems booting cloudready on virtualbox since version 5 (see comments below)