I have added some new features to my windows 10 powershell scripts on github as there are a lot of changes with 1803.

Changes I noticed on installing the update #

  • Cortana persistence seems to have changed
  • Edge browser runs in the background
  • Windows People Experience
  • Start menu includes even more game shortcuts
  • Windows Defender has automatic sample submission
  • Windows Store is the only way to install apps

Windows 10 1803 First Boot #


does this look like a professional desktop OS ?

Cortana #

Cortana seems to have more than one process running making it harder to remove.
A lot of people seem to have missed this.

Microsoft seem to have removed the GPO for disabling cortana in Software Policies.

Microsoft Edge #

Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer) seems to have a background process running at all times (MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe).

msedge 1803

Windows Store #

On a default install windows will attempt to force you to install applications via the windows store suggesting apps outside of the store could be malicious.

Scripts New Features / Changes #

  • remove edge browser
  • remove cortana (rem-sysapps script updated for 1803)
  • remove people experience
  • disable windows defender automatic submission
  • remove unwanted windows optional features
  • allow installing of apps outside of windows store
  • remove windows store
  • disable adverts on lockscreen
  • disable adverts on start menu

note: install chrome, brave or firefox before you remove microsoft edge browser

More information regarding the scripts can be found on github.