I have a few mechanical keyboards including a tenkeyless but thought I'd give something smaller a try so in may I bought a magicforce 68 keyboard with brown switches.

It's been my main keyboard on my work system for programming etc.
I really like the switches & the size of the keyboard.
I even like the ANSI layout (no massive return key etc)

After using it eveyday for 6 months it developed a problem with the V key working intermittently.

Repair #

On first opening the keyboard I noticed there seemed to be a lot of loose dry solder around the board.

The soldering seemed ok on the V key but one side did seem to have less solder.

The switch seemed to work fine (using multimeter to test) so instead of replacing it I just resoldered it which seemed to fix the problem.
I also cleaned up the pcb before re-assembling the keyboard.

Thoughts #

The keyboard is a really nice size & the brown switches are so much better then cherry mx blues in an office environment.
I can see why many recommend this keyboard as a first mini mechanical keyboard.
It does seem like most places which stock the keyboard sell the outemu blue switch version.

There is also a version with backlighting. (I personally don't see the point in backlit keyboards as I rarely look down at the keyboard when typing).

Notes #

One thing I found interesting is the keyboard is identified as a USB Gaming Keyboard.

input: HOLDCHIP USB Gaming Keyboard
ID 04d9:a0f8 Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.