Windows 10 1809 Tweak Updates


As itโ€™s the new year Iโ€™ve updated my windows tweak scripts on github to reflect changes in Windows 10 1809.


  • Updated telemetry_hosts list with ~150 more hosts
  • Added new power scheme script for desktops & servers
  • New information lists added relating to clean install of 1809
  • README files cleaned up with new information


  • Disable Telemetry
  • Disable Problem Steps Recorder
  • Disable Application Impact Telemetry
  • Disable Customer Experience Improvement Program
  • Disable Unwanted Scheduled Tasks
  • Disable Unwanted Services
  • Disable SMB1 Protocol
  • Disable Cortana
  • Disable Windows Store Restrictions
  • Set Windows Update Settings Using Group Policy
  • Remove Unwanted Apps
  • Remove Cortana
  • Remove Microsoft OneDrive
  • Remove Microsoft Edge Browser


  • Automate Firewall Rules Using IP Blocklists
  • Automate Hosts Blocking Using DNS Blocklists

Windows 10 1809 Information

  • Installed Applications List
  • List of Scheduled Tasks
  • List of Services


Microsoft Edge browser background process re-spawns the cortana searchui process if it gets killed.
It is possible to remove cortana after removing msedge.

Some windows updates reinstall Cortana & Edge (they can be removed again with scripts)

More information regarding the scripts can be found on github.