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The site is now available opensource on Github.

Improvements #

Google Lighthouse #

google lighthouse

Performance: 100% Accessibility: 100% Best Practices: 100% SEO: 100% PWA

Frontmatter #

Structured around my old site, some fields are optional.

  slug: -optional-
  title: -required-
  date: -required-
  draft: -required-
  author: -required-
  tags: -optional-
  image: -optional-

Post URLs are created automatically with /YYYY/MM/DD/ & Pages extend from /.

Project Structure #

This is the base folder structure.

    ├── content
    │   ├── pages
    │   └── posts
    ├── node
    ├── src
    │   ├── assets
    │   ├── components
    │   ├── hooks
    │   ├── icon
    │   └── templates
    └── static
        └── media

Markdown files with frontmatter for posts & pages are located in content/.
The node folder has gatsby-node.js functions seperated into files.
Images & media for posts are kept in static/media/.

Components #

Components are each in a single .js file in src/components/
Re-usable micro components are located in src/components/common/

Component specific styles are located in their own .scss files in src/assets/scss/components/

Conditional rendering is done at a component level without any dependance on CSS.

Components use prop-types where required (this is also checked with eslint).

Netlify CMS #

The site uses netlify cms & has custom preview components.

Styles are provided by the postbuild script.
Main cms component src/cms/index.js

Main Features #

Development Features #

Eslint config #

The source for the site is available on github.