I've updated my windows tweak scripts to reflect changes in Windows 10 2004.
There are new features & changes with 2004 which effect the way the scripts work.

Windows 10 2004 Changes #

  • Windows Defender Detects Changes to HOSTS File
  • Windows Defender Potentially Unwanted App (PUA) App Blocking Protection
  • Cortana renamed from Microsoft.Windows.Cortana to Microsoft.Windows.Search
  • Cortana install path changed
  • Cortana background process changed
HOSTS file changes are detected as this is a known vector for malware.
If you make changes yourself you can simply click Allow.

PUA protection has been known to remove some apps people find useful & it can be disabled if it causes problems.

Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection 0
PUA protection may be useful so it's really down to personal preference.

Changes #

Features #

Download #

The tweak scripts can be downloaded from my windows repo on github.