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This relates to a previous post Updated To Gatsby v3

Migrating to gatsby-plugin-image seemed pretty easy but there was a bug with the way global is implemented in the plugin which caused other components to break.

📝 Gatsby Image Plugin on Gatsby Documentation

Migrating to Image Plugin

There are a few steps to migrating an existing site to use the plugin.

  • add gatsby-plugin-image and remove gatsby-image 📦
  • enable gatsby-plugin-image in main gatsby config 📷
  • change graphql query in post template for gatsbyImageData
  • change graphql query in page template for gatsbyImageData
  • import gatsby-plugin-image & replaced Img with GatsbyImage in post component
  • import gatsby-plugin-image & replaced Img with GatsbyImage in page component

Fix bug introduced by gatsby-plugin-image

  • fix problem with gatsby-plugin-image & webpack 5

Gatsby Image Plugin pull request on github

GraphQL Queries

Changes to the graphql image queries were pretty easy.

image {
  childImageSharp {
-    fluid(maxWidth: 1200) {
-      ...GatsbyImageSharpFluid
-    }
+    gatsbyImageData(layout: FULL_WIDTH)

Replacing Img with GatsbyImage

Replace import from gatsby-image with gatsby-plugin-image

-import Img from 'gatsby-image'
+import { GatsbyImage } from 'gatsby-plugin-image'

Replace Img elements with GatsbyImage elements referencing new GraphQL query data.

-<Img fluid={image.childImageSharp.fluid} />
+<GatsbyImage image={image.childImageSharp.gatsbyImageData} />

Fix Bug

After doing all of the above everything seems ok ?
Possibly but if you check the console you may find errors with react components referencing global.

If you use 'global' in any plugins or components they will fail with 'global is not defined' due to gatsby-plugin-image.

As a workaround define global in gatsby-browser.js. = window

Everything should now be working, including plugins & components referencing global.

The source for the site is available on github.