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Automatic image optimization in markdown using @11ty/eleventy-img

This article continues on from previous post: 📝Image Optimization In Eleventy

Adding Markdown Support #

I initially used eleventy-base-blog for this site so image optimization was already implemented.
I used the existing code as a base to adding markdown support.

Everything can be seen in eleventy.config.images.js.

The main difference is using amendLibrary to change the markdown-it configuration & override markdown.renderer.rules.image.

// Add markdown support
eleventyConfig.amendLibrary('md', (markdown) => {
  markdown.renderer.rules.image = function (tokens, idx) {
    const token = tokens[idx]
    const file = relativeToInputPath(postsPath, token.attrGet('src'))
    const alt = token.content
    const formats = ['webp', 'auto']
    const imageOptions = {
      widths: [400, 800, 1200],
      outputDir: path.join(eleventyConfig.dir.output, 'img'),
    const metadata = eleventyImage.statsSync(file, imageOptions)
    eleventyImage(file, imageOptions)
    const imageAttributes = {
      sizes: '(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px',
      loading: 'lazy',
      decoding: 'async',
    return eleventyImage.generateHTML(metadata, imageAttributes)

One useful function already in eleventy-base-blog is relativeToInputPath.

Example Image #

Here is an example image using standard markdown (no shortcode).

nasa space

Folder Naming #

Storing images is down to personal preference.

I decided to keep the images in src/ instead of public/ so only optimized images get uploaded on build.

images in: src/_media/images
images out: eleventyConfig.dir.output/img

Source Code #

The source for my 11ty blog is available on github.