I made some basic scripts for capturing screenshots in hyprland using grim as scrot doesn't have support for wayland.

hyprland screenshot

Requirements #

App Description
Grim Screenshot utility for Wayland
Slurp Select a region in a Wayland compositor
Hyprland Dynamic tiling Wayland compositor based on wlroots
jq Command-line JSON processor

Scripts #

I made 3 scripts which all save screenshots in the same directory using the current date & time to provide a unique name.
The scripts save to $HOME/Pictures/screenshots/ with unique filename dd-mm-YYYY-HHSS.

Script Description
screenshot capture active monitor
screenactive capture active window
screenselect capture selection

These scripts are available in the bin directory in my dotfiles repo on github.


Using hyprctl #

hyprland has a utility (hyprctl) which allows a user to get information & give a json output.

hyprctl is a utility for controlling some parts of the compositor from a CLI or a script

Hyprland Wiki - Using hyprctl

I am using this with jq in the scripts to get the active monitor & active window.

Source #

The source for my hyprland config is available in my dotfiles repo on github.