The purpose of this project is to provide a way to create new firefox profiles with security & privacy settings already preset.
I have also added some style customizations using userChrome.css which is also included in the creation of each profile.

The idea comes from my linux profile tools which are documented in a previous blog post: Firefox Profile Tools

Features #

creation of new profiles with:

  • security & privacy related settings
  • custom style overrides
  • use RAM for caching
  • custom find (top-right drop-down)
  • shortcut to each profile

The script uses hardlinks to fix the issue in Windows 10 where you cannot pin firefox more than once.
With this script you can have a pinned shortcut on the start menu & the taskbar for each profile.

Custom Styles #

I have changed some of the default styling of firefox using a userChrome.css file.


userChrome.css styles #

  • move find bar to top
  • move find to right styled as a dropdown
  • add padding to items on bookmarks bar
  • change folder icon in bookmarks to adwaita

Usage #

Download or clone repo from github.

Edit ffox_profiles.ps1 & add profiles you require to the profiles array
Run the script as an administrator
Pin shortcuts to each profile to the start menu / taskbar

The default path for created profiles is My Documents\ffox_profiles