I decided to give Firefox a go after taking a break from using it.

There are still problems as I mentioned in previous blog posts but there are also workarounds with userChrome styles & custom user prefs.

Default Look #

The default look of Firefox still has huge negatives.


Fortunately these things can be changed with overrides & preferences.

Using Profile Script #

I already have scripts setup for creating profiles with custom preferences & userChrome.css overrides (created in 2015).

📝 Sep 12, 2018 - Firefox Profile Tools


Creation of new profiles with:

Fixing The Look #

I updated the custom userChrome styles.

userChrome Comparison #

Here is a comparison to show the changes made with userChrome styles.

Firefox Default #


Firefox userChrome Applied #


Notes #

I am now using firefox as my main browser & it seems a lot more responsive than it did in 2021 when I switched to Brave.

The main reason I stopped using firefox was the constant changes to the UI.
The default setup still has tabs that look like google bootstrap buttons so I can't really say anything has changed in that regard but with userChrome overrides it is at least usable now.